What actually is a sacred cacao ceremony and how do I hold or participate in one?


The traditional use of cacao has slowly become a beautiful addition to the modern way of life as people are beginning to choose to live their life in a way that fulfills them- not burns them out.


Whether you are a busy parent, heart centred entrepreneur, spiritual guru or an everyday soul with an inner knowing that you’re here to live the best day ever, every damn day… you get to sit in ceremony with yourself daily or weekly. We love that cacao gets to support you with her power and incorporate her into your personal rituals.


But how do you actually set yourself up for a cacao ceremony?


Well, there are many ways, but these 2 are our faves.


You can attend a ceremony where a facilitator has been trained in guiding you through the connection with Mama Cacao. These can be extremely powerful experiences and well worth looking into.


We recommend to always feel your intuition and alignment with each facilitator as not everyone is going to be “your jam” and it’s important for you to have the most beautiful experience possible. Follow your intuition.


On the other hand: Setting up your own personal daily ceremony.


This can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it.  


What you need:

  • A Still/Quiet space (even for 15 minutes if that’s all that you can create for yourself as a busy parent- there is no right or wrong)
  • Your favourite things – eg. crystals, sage, incense, essential oils, photos, oracle cards or anything that makes you feel delish.
  • Be comfortable – cushions, rugs, warmth
  • Set up your space

You may have a space that you permanently have set up, or you may just have a special place that you like to sit quietly, connect and reflect away from the world.


Prepare your cacao:

When preparing your cacao- (refer to the back of her packaging for “how to” or use one of our recipes from our ritual & recipe book)

  • Prepare it mindfully and in the present moment.
  • Notice if you are rushing around, trying to do a million things, in your head thinking about the past or the future then you get to slow down, be present, and start to connect your intentions into the cacao.


Delight Your Senses:

Once you have prepared your cacao, mindfully feel the warmth of the cacao on your hands through your favourite cup. Lean in to smell the delishness, the sweet and bitter smell before you take a sip.


Infuse your intention:


Before you take your first sip, think and embody a space of gratitude in your mind and deep reverence for your life.


Connect with the deep purpose, impact or vision you have for your life. Sit in your heart space, smile to yourself thinking about your loved ones. Then go ahead and sip on this delicious elixir. Whilst slowly drinking you may stay in this quiet, connected space.

Or you may decide to journal, pray, move, read, or write out some goals.


This is your time my friend, be present with yourself.