Freedom Cacao is ceremonial grade cacao sourced from Peru. It should never be confused with powdered raw cacao, cocoa or chocolate.

It includes 100% of the Criollo Cacao bean, which means there is no tampering with the integrity of the product.  This means in the process there is nothing ADDED or REMOVED, so you’re getting the FULL benefit of this sacred cacao bean!

And yes there are many companies that you can source ceremonial grade cacao from yet for some reason we hear over and over from our Freedom Cacao family ‘I’ve tried so many different brands and this is by far my favourite’.             

We even go one step further though and infuse our cacao with freedom and love frequencies. Yep, our cacao fairies sprinkle all the good vibes into this cacao. 

Freedom Cacao is ethically sourced from farmers who are rightfully rewarded for their work.

When your Freedom Cacao arrives here in Australia, it’s packaged by beautiful Saroeun, our warehouse manager who works in our kitchen, infusing her love and care into every package she handles on top of shaving each block by hand for your convenience and service. 

Literally from the moment Freedom Cacao is planted in Mother Earth, it is infused with freedom and love and these frequencies are integrated into the entire harvesting process all the way until it reaches you.

We searched for years to find a high quality, ceremonial grade Cacao to use ourselves, and when we finally sourced the Cacao now known as Freedom Cacao, we knew we found a winner. 

It’s one of the reasons we are so superrr passionate and determined to share Freedom Cacao with as many epic humans as possible, because it’s been part of so many (if not all) of our groundbreaking and life-changing moments.

Even the packaging you receive your cacao in is covered in our Freedom code, how luxurious is that!

We didn’t want to bring you just another cacao drink. We wanted to give you access to a multi-dimensional tool that will help you to live life on purpose, achieve wealth and abundance, all while living in absolute freedom, as well as be part of this epic community and collective of conscious creators.

We are a family here at Freedom Cacao. We nurture, support, celebrate and share our hearts and lives together. 

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