Ohhh Cacao… 

This incredible elixir has been in ancient use by tribes all over South America for millennia and now it is exploded with a vengeance into the modern day 

More and more people are looking to align themselves with the powers of plants. 

To connect deeper with themselves and using alchemy to expand and propel their lives. 

And this is where this magical bean comes into play as your sidekick superhero! 

So how do you actually use Cacao and why is it so powerful?? 

Ceremonial grade Cacao is not your average chocolate. 

The chocolate that is prolific in the mainstream has been cooked, burnt, and mixed with so many nastites preservatives and sugar. It has lost its original essence. 

Ceremonial grade Cacao is an elixir much more pure.

  • 100% cacao bean.

Ceremonial grade cacao is the rawest form of 100% cacao paste made directly from the cacao bean. Because of its raw form it means that the highest quality properties and compounds are available to the body – helping to elevate mood, and connect deeper to yourself. 

It’s made from the highest quality Criollo cacao beans. 

The Criollo cacao bean is rarer than it’s neighbour the Forastero (which is used predominantly in mainstream chocolate products). 

It is grown wild in South America and has a stronger, bitter taste. It has a stronger constitution of the properties that elicit that heart opening feeling in the body. These include theobromine, serotonin, proanthocyanin, anandamine, methylxanthines, tryptophan and phenylethylamine.  Theobromine is a cardiac stimulant, not a nervous system stimulant like caffeine. This cardiac stimulation results in the heart-opening sensations that ceremonial-grade cacao is known for.

  • The minimal traditional process retains its superfood benefits. 

Like any organic food, the least processed it is, the greater the benefits are for the body. 

In Peru where our cacao is harvested and processed, the custodians process the cacao by fermenting the beans, slightly heating the highest quality ones on a hotplate, hand-peeling them, and then grinding them down on a heated mill (traditionally a stone mill).

  • None or minimal amounts of sugar added (so it is bitter)

The majority of chocolate that is sold on the market has a huge amount added to it to maintain its shelf life and sweetness. Most have over 30% added sugar. This is what spikes blood sugar levels, and gives you that ‘chocolate sugar high’ similar to that of caffeine. 

So by its very nature Ceremonial Grade Cacao is actually extremely bitter which a lot of people are not used too, as their only comparison is mainstream chocolate. 

So this makes it even more potent, because the integrity of its original properties are maintained. 

Then once you learn how to prepare cacao, you can add raw sweeteners to perfect it to your personal taste buds. Adding sweetness in the individual preparation of your cacao, rather than in the processing, means that you have the heart opening experience it is so well known for.

  • Organic 

Just like the choice to eat organic fruit and vegetables. 

Growing and harvesting from organic cacao beans is also extremely important to ceremony grade status. Soil void of herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, genetic modification all of which may have adverse effects on our body. Freedom Cacao is committed to the highest quality cacao sourcing. 

– Creating Your Own Ceremony 

The ceremony part essentially is up to you. 

It is the process of connecting with your heart centre, your joy and pleasure for life. 

And cacao assists in this process with it’s heart opening properties such as theobromine, serotonin, proanthocyanin, anandamine, and many others

But if you have no idea how to set up for your own personal ceremony. 

Take our hand – and we will guide you through that step by step. 

Click here for ——> https://freedomcacao.love/2021/07/13/cacao-ceremony/