Cacao Ceremony Starter Kit


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Our Cacao Ceremony Starter Kit is for those cacao lovers who are either just starting out on their Cacao journey or are needing a revamp of their current ceremony! This is for you if you are looking for everything you need to set up your own sacred ritual at home.

HOWEVER this could be a great gift for someone you love, or even a beautiful well deserved gift for yourself because well… why not?!

Included in this Cacao Ceremony Starter Kit* is…

  • 1 bag of Freedom Cacao
  • 1 Sacred Mug
  • 1 x Palo Santo and Sage
  • 1 x Freedom Cacao spoon
  • 1 x our beautiful connection cards

Everything you need for your at-home Cacao Ceremony!

*Sacred mug design may vary and not be exactly as shown.


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