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I’m so excited you’re eager to get your hands on a 12 month VIP box with me in it (they’re seriously AMAZZEEE)!!

Each month is an intentionally selected gift for you, as well as these goodies, AND one random Golden Ticket Winner each month that goes into one of our boxes with a legit AF cash prize. You get:

  • 2 bags of Freedom Cacao per month
  • Access to our monthly New Moon & Full Moon Virtual Cacao Breath Ceremony
  • The Ritual Reboot Program
  • The Manifestation Program
  • A special gift each month

Here’s what my current VIPer’s are saying about it and we can’t wait to share what you have to say along the way too….

“Received my box this morning. Beautiful packaging and the gorgeous aroma of something essential oil like is filling my space - so delicious 🙏🙏🙏”

“I love everything in the box, it's so very well done, thank you so much!!”

This is not just cacao... it's infused with love, passion and FREEDOM!! TASTE THE DIFFERENCE 😍👌🙏

Pia Kynoch

I love the cacao and it loves me back! I’ve been a cacao fan for a couple of years now, but THIS blend is seriously “next level”! Taste, texture, energy - get on it!

Lisa Lorna Blair

I can't drink coffee due to not being able to tolerate caffeine, so Freedom Cacao has been a wonderful addition to my morning routine. It is a beautiful way to start the day and gives me calmness and alertness which I carry throughout my day.

Belinda Koukas

“Our boxes arrived today 🙂 they are amazing ❤️😀”

“Seriously blown away by this beautiful package and the love put in it!! im in love 😍 Thank you!!!!!”

It's hard to explain what happens when I drink it, I experience an energy; a flow of creativity, and a calmness all rolled into one. It's comforting but high vibration as well.

Donna Day

Cacao is psycho-active. The first time I drank this stuff, I was driving and felt my brain buzz in the same way as on mushrooms (minus the visuals lol)! It opens the heart and connects the brain. I have one before every client, so I'm in my heart space.

Catherine X Godward

Commercial cacao is grown to mass produce and in doing so, much of it's natural goodness and magic was lost. Ceremonial cacao is kept in pure strains, where the magic and health properties are protected, honoured and highly prized.

Craig A Hoy

“ Absolutely love all the packaging. It felt like Christmas unpacking my box. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏”

Love having this little space to come out to in the morning and just have a moment to myself while I enjoy my Freedom Cacao.

Felicity Hill

The flavour, the smoothness, all the nutrients I get from this and how wonderful I feel afterward. I highly recommend this powerful ally for health, healing and to help you feel amazing! It is a delightful part of my daily ritual.

Gracey A Vassallo

Okay wtf is up with this Freedom Cacao!? Had my first cup today and my energy levels are through the roof and I feel AMAZING! I've never felt this good from something like this before.

Jessie Lawrence

We have a very exclusive process (I’m a bit of a big deal, as you know), and VIP boxes only open up the last week of the month before and remain open for a very limited time! 


So, if you want to get your hands on next month’s VIP box be sure to join the waitlist below (this means my team will contact you when we open boxes and give you a link to secure yours right away and so you don’t miss out)!

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